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Established in Qatar to provide a new music and arts experience. Our school offers dynamic programs in music, music education and arts, preparing our students for various professions in music education and artistic fields.
Equipped with the best resources and highly certified instructors, Watar Music and Arts Academy can provide only the best.

We offer a wide range of educational experiences for students of all ages interested in learning music and Arts: Piano, violin, oud, kanun, percussion..,


Leadership: To bring the school into a position of leadership excellence in Qatar Primarily and the region Secondarily
Excellence in teaching: To assure the highest standard of music education
Lifelong music learners: To provide high quality programming in a professional and healthy environment that contributes to student success


To educate develop and inspire students to achieve their full musical and artistic potential and provide them the skills for a lifelong enjoyment of music.
To confirm Watar Music Center as one of the premier music school in Qatar offering comprehensive program that support a diverse student population


Excellence in teaching begins with strong relationships between School, students and families. We believe that lesson is only a part of the learning experience. Practicing and working at home to learn and master the instruments is as important as the lesson